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Would you miss your Bible if it were lost? The following story is told about a woman’s Bible study group. One day as the women were ready to begin their weekly Bible Study the leader realized that she had forgotten her Bible. She said, "Oh my, I came away from home without my Bible!" The hostess did not have her Bible with her so hurried to get it. She searched frantically but couldn’t find it. "What will those ladies think of me?" she thought. Running downstairs, she asked the recently employed maid, "Mattie, have you seen my Bible?" Mattie exclaimed, "Praise the Lord!" Beaming, she said, "The first thing I do when I work at a new place is hide the Bible." "But why?" asked her employer in astonishment. Mattie answered, "Just to find out how long it takes the people to miss it. You will find your Bible in the linen closet under the sheets."

If you lost YOUR Bible, how long would it take before you missed it? In our land most homes have one or more Bibles but they are seldom read. Often they are used merely to record births, deaths, and marriages and to store keepsakes. This state of affairs is a tragedy. Not only does the Bible contain the words of life but our Creator has commanded us to Seek out of the book of the Lord and read [Isaiah 34:16]. He promises to bless those who obey His Word. For example He says: Blessed is he who reads, and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein [Revelation 1:3].

The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself and His will to men. Find your Bible, dust it off, open it and read its precious pages. Read it regularly and systematically. To read it only occasionally or just a few verses randomly is of very little value. No one would think of treating any other book in this manner with any hope of understanding what they read. But you object that when you begin to read you do not understand anything. That is quite normal, but the same is true of any new field of knowledge. For example if most were to read only one page or a paragraph from a history of ancient China, Greece, Egypt or any other place most of it would be totally meaningless. You say, "Yes, but we have been brought up in a Christian land and have been taught the Bible." Unfortunately the knowledge of the Bible which the vast majority have is very superficial at best and then much of the "knowledge" is false. The biggest AND the real problem with most is that what they find in the Bible is not to their liking. It tells them that they are condemned sinners in need of saving and sets forth God’s terms for salvation and they do not like His terms. Dear reader, there is a day of judgment coming. Flee the wrath to come. Prepare NOW, while there is yet time, to meet your Creator as your Savior. Search diligently the pages of God’s Word.

Someone has written:

What is home without a Bible?
	’Tis a place where day is night,
For o’er life’s beclouded pathway,
	Comes many a sorry plight.

What is home without a Bible?
	’Tis a place where daily bread
For the body is provided,
	But the soul is never fed.

What is home without a Bible?
	’Tis a vessel on the sea,
Compass lost and rudder broken,
	Drifting, drifting aimlessly.

Lost … The Bible? Lost … its teachings!
	Lost … its help each day in seven!
Lost … to live by! Lost to die by!
	Lost? What’s lost? The way to Heaven.

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