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The SURVEY, as follows, has been completely redone in a QUESTION AND ANSWER FORMAT for ease of reading the RESULTS of the SURVEY - aal.



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Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 18:17:44 EDT



A Brief Survey by Rick Norris which was mailed 06-10-98 about Bible Translations with some brief explanations.



True or False Questions:


QUESTION 1. The King James Version became the official version of the Church of England, replacing the Bishops' Bible.



QUESTION 2. The KJV was the first English Bible to be published without the Apocrypha.

False - The first English Bible published without the Apocrypha was a 1599 edition of the Geneva Bible.


QUESTION 3. There were two different editions of the KJV published in 1611.

True - (the famous "He" and "She" Bibles plus other differences)


QUESTION 4. Some of the translators of the KJV were involved in persecuting believers, even to the point of burning two men at the stake for their religious beliefs.



QUESTION 5. Some of the KJV translators claimed that one man, Archbishop Richard Bancroft, made fourteen changes in their translation without their approval.



QUESTION 6. Some of the translators of the KJV were Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, and Independents while the rest were Anglicans.

False - All the translators of the KJV were Anglicans (i.e.) members of the Church of England. A few were Puritan members of the Church of England.


QUESTION 7. One of the KJV translators had a brother who was one of the translators of the earlier Roman Catholic Douay-Rheims Bible.

True - (John Reynolds - KJV; William Reynolds - Douay-Rheims)


QUESTION 8. The publishing of English-language Bibles including the KJV was permitted in America before the Revolutionary War.

False - No English Bibles were permitted to be published in America before Revolutionary War.


QUESTION 9. The KJV did not update or revise any of the words in the earlier English Bibles.

False - The KJV did make very limited revisions and updates to the earlier Bibles.


QUESTION 10. Tyndale's Old Testament used the rendering "Jehovah" at least fifteen times where the KJV does not.



QUESTION 11. The 1611 KJV has "seek good" at Psalm 69:32 while present KJV's have "seek God."



QUESTION 12. In the book of Acts, the Great Bible has over 100 words that are not found in the KJV.

True - The Great Bible has over 100 additional words from the Latin Vulgate in the book of Acts.


QUESTION 13. The 1535 Coverdale Bible does not have the rendering "penance," which was sometimes used in the earlier 1389 Wycliffe Bible from the Latin Vulgate.

False - Coverdale's Bible does have "penance" a few times.


QUESTION 14. The KJV NT was the seventh English translation of the whole New Testament.

False - [1] Wycliffe's, [2] Tyndale's, [3] Coverdale's, [4] Matthew's, [5] 1538 Coverdale's Latin-English NT, [6] Great, [7] Taverner's, [8] Whittingham's, [9] Geneva, [10] Bishops', [11] 1551 Bishop Becke's Bible, [12] 1552 Richard Jugge's NT, [13] KJV.


QUESTION 15. Erasmus was a Reformer like Martin Luther.

False - Erasmus remained a Roman Catholic.


QUESTION 16. Charles Thomson, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and secretary of the Continental Congress, made the first English translation from the Septuagint and the first complete English translation by an American.



QUESTION 17. The KJV updated some archaic uses of "quick" with "living" at some verses in the earlier English Bibles.



QUESTION 18. The earlier English Bibles such as Tyndale's, Coverdale's, and Matthew's do not have any missing verses and phrases when compared to the KJV.

False - Tyndale's, Coverdale's, Matthew's did not have Mark 11:26 and Luke 17:36 because they were not in Erasmus's Greek NT plus many phrases.


QUESTION 19. Erasmus admired Jerome, translator of the Vulgate.



QUESTION 20. King James was a great, godly king, who loved the Puritans.

False - James hated the Puritans, and he was guilty of many ungodly actions such as persecuting believers.



Multiple Choice:


QUESTION 21. The KJV became authorized version number — ? — of the Church of England.

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

D. Four

ANSWER - C. Three - [The Great was first, Bishops' second, and the KJV third.


QUESTION 22. The most popular and best loved English Bible of the common people in the early 1600's in England was the:

A. Bishops' Bible

B. Geneva Bible


D. The Great Bible

ANSWER - B — the Geneva Bible.


QUESTION 23. In terms of human influence, the majority of renderings or translations in the KJV should be credited to:

A. L. Andrews

B. Luther

C. G. Abbott

D. Tyndale

ANSWER - D — Tyndale.


QUESTION 24. Erasmus, editor of the Greek NT was a/an:

A. Anglican

B. Roman Catholic

C. Presbyterian

ANSWER - B — Roman Catholic


QUESTION 25. The first English translation to have only "Lord Jesus" at Acts 16:31 instead of "Lord Jesus Christ" as in the KJV was:


B. Tyndale's

C. Revised Version, 1881


ANSWER - B — Tyndale's.


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