The Evil of Sin

Topic: Salvation

Type: Illustration

Author: C. H. Spurgeon

If one does not learn the evil of sin, he will never learn the way to Heaven. If the Holy Spirit does not teach us the exceeding sinfulness of sin, we shall never know the blessedness of salvation.

Let us seek His grace, then, when we teach, that we may always be able to lay stress upon the abominable nature of sin.

I have heard of a father, one of whose sons, a very ungodly young man, died in a very sudden manner. The father did not, as some would have done, say to his family, "We hope your brother has gone to Heaven." No: but overcoming his natural feelings, he was enabled, by Divine grace, to assemble his children together, and to say to them, "My sons and daughters, your brother is dead: I fear he is in Hell. You knew his life and conduct, and saw how he behaved and now God has snatched him away in his sins." Then he solemnly told them of the place of woe to which he believed–yea, almost knew he was gone, begging them to shun it, and to flee from the wrath to come. Thus he was the means of bringing his children to serious thought about their own souls. Had he acted as some would have done, with tenderness of heart, but not with honesty of purpose, and said he hoped his son had gone to Heaven, what would the other children have said? "If he is gone to Heaven, there is no need for us to fear: we may live as we like."

NO, no: I hold that it is not unchristian to say of some men that they have gone to Hell, when we have seen that their lives have been hellish lives.

But it is asked, "Can you judge your fellow creatures?" Yes, you can make a judgment by their fruits. I do not condemn them: they condemn themselves. I have seen their sins go beforehand to judgment, and I do not doubt that they shall follow after.

"But may they not be saved at the eleventh hour?" I have heard of one who was, but I do not know that there was another, and I cannot tell that there ever will be. Be honest, then, with your children, and teach them, by the help of God, that evil shall slay the wicked [PSA 34:21].

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