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It's Christmas Eve and Suzie is so upset! Suzie is just five years old. Too big to be tucked away in her crib out of the way–and too little, everyone says, to be of help at this busy time. Mommy and daddy had marched last Sunday to "Put Christ back in Christmas" and Suzie thought things would be different this year, but NO! It's Suzie, don't go in where mommy is wrapping presents or Santa won't be good to you!" "Suzie, don't ask so many questions. Daddy is busy lining up the bottles for the big celebration!" "Sunday School on Sunday? Out of the question! We put Christ back in Christmas last Sunday." Finally Suzie wandered off to bed and was so upset that, when saying her prayers she prayed "and forgive us our Christmases as we forgive those who Christmas against us!"

What about Christ in your Christmas? Is it marching one day and then back to swearing and dirty stories at work the next? It sounds pious to put "Christ in Christmas," but what Christ are you putting in Christmas–the virgin-born Savior of the Bible or the human "Christ" of the modern religious world? Why all the Santa tales, the booze, and the selfishness? Are these signs of Christianity or of the world? It's all there! The tinsel, the trim, the wild parties–but where is the honor to the One whose birthday we supposedly celebrate?

All the old cliches, saying grace once a year, or going to church at Christmas time does not put Christ back in Christmas. It is only as you acknowledge this sweet baby in the manger to be the Heaven-sent Son of God–born to die on Calvary for your sins, and, in true repentance of sin and true faith ask the Lord Jesus Christ to be your Savior, and as you then live for Christ from this day on that Christ will truly be in your Christmas.

How is it with you? Must you say "Forgive me my Christmas" or is Christ truly in your Christmas this year? If you have truly repented of your sin and become God's child I ask you--what place have you given Christ? If you have never recognized this baby in the manger to be the Christ of the Cross and the only Savior heed His call. The burden of your sin is heavy. It's final wages beyond our understanding–the second death–the eternal lake of fire.

The good news announcing His birth, so long ago, was a simple one--a Savior is born, which is Christ the Lord. Yes, He is the answer to mankind's problem of sin and its resulting heartache. God made a way of salvation. May you look beyond the tinsel, toys, and follies of the holiday season and may Jesus Christ indeed become your Savior.

We ask the Lord's blessing on His saints as you give special remembrance to His birth at this season. Those who are not His children we urge you to turn from the broad road that leads to everlasting punishment and flee unto the Lord Jesus Christ–the narrow way–to the One Who said, I am the way the truth and the life, NO MAN COMETH TO THE FATHER, BUT BY ME [JOH 14:6].

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