Virgin Birth

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If Christ was sinless there must have been a miracle in His birth. If Christ was, as John and Paul state, the Son of God made flesh, the second Adam, the new redeeming head of the race, a miracle is to be expected in His Earthly origin. Without a miracle such a person could never have been.

It is often overlooked that the whole teaching is not expressed by saying that Jesus was born of a virgin mother. There is another fact–conceived by the Holy Spirit. What happened was a divine, creative miracle done in the production of this new humanity which secured, from its earliest beginnings, freedom from the slightest taint of sin. The birth of Jesus was not, as in ordinary births, simply the beginning of a new personality. It was a divine person–already existing–entering on this new mode of existence. Miracle alone could effect such a wonder. Because His human nature had this miraculous origin Christ was the Holy One from His conception [LUK 1:35].

The doctrine of Christ, from the very earliest days of the church, has been attacked from two opposite directions. According to one teaching, Jesus is reduced to the purely human category and is interpreted as a Spirit-led man. According to the opposite teaching, He is purely Divine, while His human experience is reduced to mere appearance. The Virgin birth teaching of the Bible rejects both of these ideas. On the one hand, the Bible asserts a miraculous birth producing a real human, conditioned by true birth into an actual connection with the human race. On the other hand, it teaches an exceptional birth, setting Jesus apart as one whose entrance into the world was due to a new, real contact of God with the human race.

Doctrinally, the reality of the Virgin birth of Christ is of the highest importance for the right understanding of His unique and sinless personality. Here is One, as Paul tells us in Romans 5:12 (and following) Who, free from sin Himself, and not involved in the Adamic liabilities of the race, reverses the curse of sin and death brought in by the First Adam, and establishes the reign of righteousness and everlasting life. If Christ had simply had a natural conception and birth, not one of these things could be said of Him. As a natural child of Adam's race, He would have shared in Adam's corruption and doom. He would Himself have need of being redeemed.

Through God's infinite mercy, He came from above, inherited no guilt, needed no regeneration or sanctification, but Himself became the redeemer, regenerator, sanctifier for all who receive Him. Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift [2CO 9:15]. That which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit. . . Then Joseph . . . knew her not TILL she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called His name Jesus [MAT 1:20, 24, 25].

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