The Christian Faith in the Modern World

Topic: Revelation Type: Book Author: J. Gresham Machen 

NOTE: The relatively few footnotes have been placed in the text at the appropriate places. Scripture quotations have been updated to modern English. Scripture references use the first three digits of the book name uniformly for the name–the only 2 exceptions are: JDG for Judges and PHM for Philemon. Books having the same name use the number and the first 2 letters of the book as in 1PE for First Peter. Italics are reserved to display Scripture passages. Bold type and/or underlining is used for emphasis and book titles. A very few words are explained. Some punctuation has been updated. IMPORTANT: The meaning of the author has not been altered in the least–I agree wholeheartedly with the author’s teaching in this little but vital book.

A. Allison Lewis


DURING the first four months of the year 1935, the writer of this book delivered over Station WIP a course of radio addresses, for which the arrangements were made by the Rev. Edwin H. Rian, on behalf of Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. The addresses are now published in a form very similar to that in which they were delivered. The resulting book may perhaps lay claim to a larger degree of unity than that which is usually possessed by published addresses, since these addresses proceeded in logical sequence. Little more than a beginning, however, is made of the treatment of the subject indicated in the title. The Christian view of the Bible and a part, at least, of the Biblical doctrine of God are presented (of course only in summary fashion); but other great elements in the Christian Faith—the Christian view of man and the Christian view of salvation—are left for future treatment.

The author desires to express his heartfelt gratitude to his friend, the Rev. Edwin H. Rian, of the Board of Trustees of Westminster Theological Seminary, to whom the plan for the delivery of such a course of lectures was due, and whose unfailing encouragement and help made possible the carrying out of the plan. The author is also indebted to colleagues in the Faculty of the Seminary—particularly to Mr. John Murray, who is in charge of the Department of Systematic Theology—for counsel generously given him with regard to certain of the subjects treated in the lectures.

First printed by WM. B. EERDMANS PUBLISHING CO. of Grand Rapids: Michigan in 1936. A paperback edition was printed in 1965.

Table of Contents

Preface and Table of Contents
1. The Presemt Emergency and How to Meet It
2. How May God Be Known?
3. Has God Spoken?
4. Is The Bible The Word Of God?

5. Do We Believe In Verbal Inspiration?
6. Shall We Defend The Bible?
7. The Bible Versus Human Authority
8. Life Founded Upon Truth
9. God, The Creator
10. The Triune God
11. What Is The Deity Of Christ?
12. Does The Bible Teach The Deity Of Christ?
13. The Sermon Oon The Mount And The Deity Of Christ
14. What Jesus Said About Himself
15. The Supernatural Christ
16. Did Christ Rise From The Dead?
17. The Testimony Of Paul To Christ
18. The Holy Spirit

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