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Topic: Salvation Type: Book Chapter Author: C. H. Spurgeon 

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October 1995 - A. Allison Lewis

Table of Contents

1. To You
2. What Are We At?
3. God Justifies the Ungodly
4. It Is God Who Justifies
5. Just and the Justifier
6. Deliverance from Sinning
7. By Grace Through Faith
8. What Is Faith?
9. How May Faith Be Illustrated?
10. Why Are We Saved by Faith?
11. I Can Do Nothing!
12. The Increase of Faith
13. Regeneration and the Holy Spirit
14. My Redeemer Lives
15. Repentance Must Go with Forgiveness
16. How Repentance Is Given
17. The Fear of Final Falling
18. Confirmation
19. Why Saints Persevere
20. Conclusion

Chapter 1

To You

An Earnest Word for Those Who Are Seeking Salvation by the LORD JESUS CHRIST

He Who Spoke and wrote this message will be greatly disappointed if it does not lead many to the Lord Jesus. It is sent forth in childlike dependence upon the power of God the Holy Spirit, to use it in the conversion of millions, if He so pleases. No doubt many poor men and women will take up this little volume, and the Lord will visit them with grace. To answer this end, the very plainest language has been chosen, and many simple expressions have been used. But if those of wealth and rank should glance at this book, the Holy Spirit can impress them also, since that which can be understood by the unlettered is nonetheless attractive to the instructed. Oh that some might read it who will become great winners of souls!

Who knows how many will find their way to peace by what they read here? A more important question for you is this: Will you be one of them?

A certain man placed a fountain by the wayside, and he hung up a cup near to it by a little chain. He was told some time after that a great art critic had found much fault with its design. "But," said he, "do many thirsty persons drink at it?" Then they told him that thousands of poor people, men, women, and children, quenched their thirst at this fountain, and he smiled and said that he was not troubled by the critic’s observation. He only hoped that on some sultry summer’s day the critic himself might fill the cup and be refreshed and praise the name of the Lord.

Here is my fountain, and here is my cup. Find fault if you wish, but do drink of the water of life. I only care for this. I would rather bless the soul of the poorest street cleaner or rag-gatherer than please a prince and fail to convert him to God

Do you mean business in reading these pages? If so, we are agreed at the outset; but nothing short of your finding Christ and Heaven is the business aimed at here. Oh that we may seek this together! I do so by dedicating this little book with prayer. Will you not join me by looking up to God and asking Him to bless you while you read? Providence has put these pages before you, you have a little spare time in which to read them, and you feel willing to give them your attention. These are good signs. Who knows but that the time of blessing is come for you? At any rate, The Holy Spirit says. ‘To day if you will hear His voice, harden not your hearts’ [HEB 3:7-8].

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