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. You MUST be born again [John 3:7]

Jesus said He is the ONLY Savior:

No man comes to the Father but by Me [John 14:6]

WHOEVER drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life [John 4:14]


let him take the Water of Life freely [Revelation 22:17]

The Bible Stands

The Bible stands like a rock undaunted
Mid the raging storms of time;
It's pages burn with the truth eternal,
And they glow with a light sublime.

The Bible stands every test we give It,
For Its Author is divine;
By grace alone I expect to live It,
And to prove It and make It mine!
The Bible stands like a mountain towering
Far above the works of men;
Its truth by none ever was refuted,
And destroy it they never can!

The Bible stands though the hills may tumble
It will firmly stand when the Earth shall crumble
I will plant my feet on Its firm foundation
For the Bible stands.

Words and Music by: Haldor Lillenas 1885-1959

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Bible Book Abbreviations

God Is Holy - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2011-02-19

Salvation - What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul [MAR 8:36]
bible-purple.gif Can a Baptist Church Save You? - A. A. Lewis
bible-purple.gif God's Simple Plan of Salvation - Ford Porter
bible-purple.gif Everybody Ought to Know Who Jesus Is
bible-purple.gif Bible Passages for Arabic Readers - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2007-10-06
bible-purple.gif The Evil of Sin - C. H. Spurgeon
bible-purple.gif The Ten Commandments
bible-purple.gif The TEN COMMANDMENTS in the NT - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2010-02-20
bible-purple.gif Faith
bible-purple.gif Born again
bible-purple.gif The Holy Spirit and Man's Salvation - J. C. Ryle
bible-purple.gif The Old Fashioned Way - Mrs. C. D. Martin
bible-purple.gif Are YOU a Christian?
bible-purple.gif Are There Few or Many of us likely to be Saved? - J. C. Ryle
bible-purple.gif Seed Upon a Rock - C. H. Spurgeon  
bible-purple.gif A New Name Written Down In Pencil - John C. Lewis
Bible Reading Schedule
The BIBLE: an Introduction
bible-purple.gif BASIC VIEWS OF THE BIBLE
      bible-purple.gif The Liberal's Bible
      bible-purple.gif The Modernist's Bible
      bible-purple.gif The New Evangelical's Bible
      bible-purple.gif The Fundamentalist's Bible
bible-purple.gif SUPPORT FOR ITS CLAIMS
      bible-purple.gif An Infallible Guide
      bible-purple.gif The Bible Today
      bible-purple.gif The Unity of the Bible - Arthur Pink
      bible-purple.gif Genesis: The Key to Reclaiming the Culture by Ken Ham - (MP3)
      bible-purple.gif The Miracles of the Bible
      bible-purple.gif The Prophecies of the Bible
      bible-purple.gif The Bible and Science
      bible-purple.gif Divine Inspiration by Louis Gaussen (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2007-12-23
      bible-purple.gif The Authority and Inspiration of the Scriptures - B. B. Warfield
      bible-purple.gif Higher Criticism - Robert Dick Wilson
bible-purple.gif The Bible Applied
bible-purple.gif Bibliolatry
bible-purple.gif Cain's Wife
bible-purple.gif Foolishness
bible-purple.gif Lost Bible
bible-purple.gif Did ANY church give the Bible to the world?
bible-purple.gif The Minister and His Greek Testament - A. T. Robertson
BIBLE PASSAGES - Translations and Notes
bible-purple.gif Ephesians 2:1-10
bible-purple.gif The book of JUDE
bible-purple.gif Exodus 20:1-17
bible-purple.gif At Home  - 2 Corinthians 5:6-9
bible-purple.gif 1 Corinthians 14 and "Tongues"
bible-purple.gif Basics of the Book of Daniel
bible-purple.gif Eternity for ALL God's people--REV 21:1-14
speaker.gif Death's Immediate Sequel for the Christian - Albert N. Martin
speaker.gif Gleanings from a Grieving Heart #1 - Albert N. Martin
speaker.gif Gleanings from a Grieving Heart #2 - Albert N. Martin
speaker.gif Gleanings from a Grieving Heart #3 - Albert N. Martin

Signposts To The Celestial City - Series by Albert N. Martin

speaker.gif Jesus - The Only Way to God? - Albert N. Martin
speaker.gif The Way of Forgiveness of Sins - Albert N. Martin
speaker.gif Christ's Call for Sinners - Albert N. Martin
speaker.gif Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ - Albert N. Martin
speaker.gif Bad News - Good News from God - Albert N. Martin
speaker.gif The Great Day of Their Wrath - Albert N. Martin
speaker.gif Warning to Professing Christians - Albert N. Martin
speaker.gif No New Birth - No Heaven - Albert N. Martin
speaker.gif Enter by the Narrow Door - Albert N. Martin
speaker.gif Testifying Repentance & Faith - Albert N. Martin
speaker.gif Behold, Now is the Day of Salvation - Albert N. Martin
speaker.gif Life or Death - It's Your Choice - Albert N. Martin
speaker.gif The Son of Man is Coming - Albert N. Martin

Calvinism - by Albert N. Martin

speaker.gif Calvinism - Albert N. Martin

Sexual Purity - by Albert N. Martin
speaker.gif Sexual Purity 1
speaker.gif Sexual Purity 2
speaker.gif Sexual Purity 3
speaker.gif Sexual Purity 4
speaker.gif Sexual Purity 5

speaker.gif The Basics of Islam - by Dr. James White
speaker.gif Islamic Apologetics - by Dr. James White
speaker.gif Answering Islamic Objections - by Dr. James White
speaker.gif Background on the Quran - by Dr. James White

speaker.gif Islam Part 1 - A Biblical & Historical Critique - by Brian Schwertly
speaker.gif Islam Part 2 - Allah The Moon God - by Brian Schwertly
speaker.gif Islam Part 3 - Islamic Jihad - by Brian Schwertly
speaker.gif Islam Part 4 - Islamic Jihad Continued - by Brian Schwertly
speaker.gif Islam Part 5 - The Koran - by Brian Schwertly
speaker.gif Islam Part 6 - The Koran's View of Christ - by Brian Schwertly

speaker.gif Jehovahs Witnesses

speaker.gif Ancient Heresies, Part 1A
speaker.gif Ancient Heresies, Part 1B
speaker.gif Ancient Heresies, Part 2A
speaker.gif Ancient Heresies, Part 2B
speaker.gif Ancient Heresies, Part 3A
speaker.gif Ancient Heresies, Part 3B
speaker.gif Ancient Heresies, Part 4A
speaker.gif Ancient Heresies, Part 4B
speaker.gif Ancient Heresies, Part 4C

speaker.gif Apostates and Apostacy
speaker.gif The Blessing of Apostacy
speaker.gif The Danger of False Faith
speaker.gif A Strong Delusion

speaker.gif The Battle for Justification
speaker.gif The Begotten Son
speaker.gif The Design of the Atonement
speaker.gif The High Priest of Our Confession

speaker.gif The Human Body
speaker.gif The Human Body (2)

speaker.gif The Incarnation is Necessary
speaker.gif The Law of Atonement
speaker.gif The Perfect High Priest
speaker.gif The Pioneer of Our Salvation

speaker.gif The Problem of Sodom
speaker.gif What God Considers Abomination

speaker.gif The Sovereign Kingship of God
speaker.gif The Sovereignty of God
speaker.gif The Soverignty of God and Sin

speaker.gif The Superiority of the Son
speaker.gif The Supremacy of Christ
speaker.gif Total Depravity
speaker.gif Trinitarian Intercession
speaker.gif Unity in Christ
speaker.gif Warning of Denouncing Christ
speaker.gif Warnings

speaker.gif Wesleyan Theology
speaker.gif Introduction to Reformed Theology

speaker.gif 1 - The Trinity Defended
speaker.gif 2 - The Trinity Defended
speaker.gif 3 - Question Time
speaker.gif 4 - The Carmen Christian
speaker.gif 5 - The Potters Freedom

speaker.gif A Call To Self Examination

speaker.gif A Critique of Bart Ehrman
speaker.gif A Critique of Harold Camping May 21st
speaker.gif A Critique of Peter Enns
speaker.gif A Critique of The Da Vinci Code
speaker.gif A Look At Open Theism

speaker.gif A More Excellent Ministry

speaker.gif Assurance and Hope

speaker.gif Beyond the Veil of Eternity
speaker.gif Christ - A Priest Forever
speaker.gif Christ - His Perfect Intercession
speaker.gif Christ - Our One Mediator
speaker.gif Christ - Our Pure High Priest
speaker.gif Do Not Harden Your Hearts
speaker.gif Exaltation Through Humiliation

speaker.gif God Has Spoken To Us
speaker.gif God Has Spoken To Us -2

speaker.gif God's Unchanging Purpose
speaker.gif Growing In Christian Maturity
speaker.gif Impossible to Renew

speaker.gif Irrestible Grace

speaker.gif Jesus on Marriage

speaker.gif Jesus Our Great High Priest 1
speaker.gif Jesus Our Great High Priest 2

speaker.gif KJV Onlyism and Bible Translation
speaker.gif The Sufficiency of Scripture - 1

speaker.gif Limited Atonement

speaker.gif Matthew 19
speaker.gif Matthew 25
speaker.gif John 10 A
speaker.gif John 10 B

speaker.gif Melchizedek - The Priest King
speaker.gif Questions and Answers
speaker.gif Radical Christianity
speaker.gif Reformation Sunday Morning
speaker.gif Regeneration
speaker.gif Repent of Passion Growing Cold

speaker.gif Saved to the Uttermost
speaker.gif Righteousness By Faith Alone
speaker.gif Righteousness
speaker.gif Perseverance of the Saints

speaker.gif Synoptic Gospels
speaker.gif Synoptic Gospels - Sections
speaker.gif Synoptic Gospels - Lazarus
speaker.gif Synoptic Gospels - The Rich Young Ruler - 1
speaker.gif Synoptic Gospels - The Rich Young Ruler - 2

speaker.gif Avoiding Charitable Rip-Off's - by Dr. Craig P. Scott

speaker.gif Why Will God Judge America by Brian Schwertly

bible-purple.gif Introduction - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2010-02-20
bible-purple.gif Introduction - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif THE GREAT COMMISSION - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif Righteous and Unrighteous - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif Matthew - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2010-04-10
bible-purple.gif Mark - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif Luke - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif John - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif Acts - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif Romans - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif 1st Corinthians - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif 2nd Corinthians - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif Galatians - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2010-05-09
bible-purple.gif Ephesians - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2010-05-09
bible-purple.gif Ephesians Illustrated from Acts - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2010-05-09
bible-purple.gif Phillipians - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif Colossians - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif 1st Thessalonians - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif 2nd Thessalonians - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif 1st Timothy - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif 2nd Timothy - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif Titus - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2010-05-09
bible-purple.gif Philemon - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif Hebrews - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2011-02-19
bible-purple.gif James - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif 1st Peter - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif 2nd Peter - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2010-01-23
bible-purple.gif 1st John - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif 2nd John - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif 3rd John - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif Jude - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif Revelation - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-08-10
bible-purple.gif King James The Translators To The Reader - A. A. Lewis
speaker.gif KJV Onlyism: Your Translation (A Defense of the Bible) - Dr. James White
bible-purple.gif English Bible Survey - Rick Norris
bible-purple.gif "King James Only" correspondence with the late David O. Fuller
bible-purple.gif Open Letter to Dr. Ian Paisley about KJV and Quakers - A. A. Lewis
bible-purple.gif Testimonies about Bible Translations by past leaders of Bible Christianity
bible-purple.gif Does Revision Involve Changing or Altering of God's Word? - R. Norris
Topical Index
bible-purple.gif Creation, The Fall, Etc. - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2010-08-15 NEW!
bible-purple.gif He Arose and Was Seen
bible-purple.gif Indeed
bible-purple.gif Jesus is Coming
bible-purple.gif Bible Baptism
bible-purple.gif Baptism - A. T. Robertson - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2011-03-19
bible-purple.gif The Christian Life by J. C. Ryle
bible-purple.gif Understanding
bible-purple.gif Hypocrite Judges
bible-purple.gif God and Medicine - A. T. Robertson 
bible-purple.gif Death
bible-purple.gif Elijah, just be POSITIVE!
bible-purple.gif God's Work His Way
bible-purple.gif Church Covenant - Updated - A. A. Lewis
bible-purple.gif When the fullness of time was come - Chronology and Calendars
bible-purple.gif Topics for special study - Verses to encourage thought on what the Bible teaches.
          bible-purple.gif THEOLOGY SYSTEMS
    bible-purple.gif History of Systematic Theology  A. H. Strong
    bible-purple.gif A Basic Summary of Theological Systems - A. A. Hodge
    bible-purple.gif Imputation - The Connection of Humanity to Adam and Eve
    bible-purple.gif Arminianism - Background and DANGERS
    bible-purple.gif Calvinism - As held by Bunyan, Spurgeon, Warfield, Machen - AND evangelism
    bible-purple.gif John Calvin - God's omnipotence, decrees and providence - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-02-15
    bible-purple.gif The London Baptist Confession of 1689 - WITH NOTES - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2008-12-21
bible-purple.gif Jesus, the Son, is God - J. G. Machen
bible-purple.gif Jehovah
bible-purple.gif Immortality
bible-purple.gif Universal Equality- J. C. Ryle
bible-purple.gif Abortion
bible-purple.gif Sex Education
bible-purple.gif Honesty
bible-purple.gif What God Has Promised - Annie Johnson Flint
bible-purple.gif He Makes No Mistake
bible-purple.gif Sir Wilferd Grenfell - To show the need to beware of FRAUD in "Christian" biographies
bible-purple.gif Annie Johnson Flint - Roland V. Bingham
Destructive Heresies and Cults
bible-purple.gif Mysticism and Christianity - B. B. Warfield, John Bunyan, etc.
bible-purple.gif Charles G. Finney - The Anti-Biblical Teachings of... - (PDF) (DOC) - Updated 2007-12-23
bible-purple.gif Presuppositionalism
bible-purple.gif Dispensationalists and Jews Together
bible-purple.gif Association of Baptists for World Evangelism AND Islam 
bible-purple.gif Bible Numerics - O. T. Allis
bible-purple.gif ROMAN CATHOLICISM
      bible-purple.gif  Images
      bible-purple.gif Romanism - L. Boettner
      bible-purple.gif The Bible Says
      bible-purple.gif Was Peter Ever in Rome
      bible-purple.gif This Is My Body
      bible-purple.gif Indulgences (Indulgentarum Doctrina) - (PDF) (DOC)
bible-purple.gif Christ in Christmas
bible-purple.gif Susie's Story
bible-purple.gif The Virgin Birth
bible-purple.gif The Wise Men
Small Books and Booklets
bible-purple.gif All of Grace - C. H. Spurgeon
bible-purple.gif Around the Wicket Gate - C. H. Spurgeon
bible-purple.gif The Christian Faith in the Modern World - J. G. Machen
bible-purple.gif Christianity and Liberalism - J. G. Machen
bible-purple.gif The Doctrine of Endless Punishment - W. G. T. Shedd
bible-purple.gif Studies In Genesis One - E. J. Young
bible-purple.gif Counterfeit Miracles - Benjamin B. Warfield


I was saved, by the grace of God, as a teenager, through reading the Bible. I was actually reading and searching out certain topics in the Bible to justify some things I wanted to do. As I read the Bible it did not approve what I wanted to do, but rather condemned me for my sins and need of salvation. My first acquaintance with the Bible was at the age of five, when my mother (who at the time was not saved) read much of the New Testament to me and my younger brother as we lay on a straw tick "mattress" on a camp bunk in the lumber woods. She was the camp cook and my father worked with the rest of the crew cutting and hauling logs and pulp-wood. As I lay on that bunk listening to my mother read I thoroughly understood what she was reading. It was very real to me that I was a sinner deserving the furnace of fire and that place of wailing and gnashing of teeth [MAT 13:41, 42]. I was not saved, however, until my later teen years. The one question I had for a long time before I was saved was "How can the death of Christ pay for MY sins?" I did not question the history of the Bible —I believed that the events recorded there really happened. I had no questions about Jesus being the Son of God as He claimed. I did not question His virgin birth, miracles, death, bodily resurrection and ascension to Heaven. What I could not believe and understand was how His sacrificial death on the cross could take care of MY SINS —I was the one who sinned against my Creator. Then one night alone in my bedroom I told the Lord that I didn't understand the how but I told Him that I would take Him at His word—I BELIEVED His promise and by His unmerited grace I was saved. Even today I cannot understand how or why He should or could show mercy to a sinner such as I. I have read the theologians and philosophers answers without any help in that understanding. All I know is that I a wicked HELL BOUND and HELL DESERVING SINNER, DEAD in sins, by the grace of God alone was made His child. Please take time to read Ephesians 2:1-10 (for the passage CLICK on the following URL: http://www.christianbeliefs.org/bible/ephesians2-1-10.html ).

My desire through the years since my salvation has been to continue my study of God's Word and to pass it on to others that the Holy Spirit might use it to draw, whom the Father would, to come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and grow in His grace.

My places of service have been small and somewhat remote but I have striven to be true to my Lord and His Word in whatever I have done. I am a Fundamentalist, however, I am aware that what is today known as "Fundamentalism" is a gross misrepresentation of historic Fundamentalism. The same is true of the word Christian. The vast majority of those who claim that precious name show by their doctrine and conduct that they know nothing of the saving grace of God [Please read MAT 7:13, 14, 21-23]. I fear that a very large number, even in our Fundamentalist churches, have never experienced the "new birth." "Religion" may be popular but we see few walking in that HOLINESS, WITHOUT WHICH NO MAN SHALL SEE THE LORD [HEB 12:14]. We urge every reader to make sure that you have passed from death to life.

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